Aloo Masala Fry: Make Lip-Smacking Crispy Aloo In 20 Minutes For Ultimate Indulgence


Let’s admit it, we all love to gorge on potatoes. Aloo (potatoes) one of the most versatile vegetables that can be baked, fried, grilled and can be added to any gravy or curry. There is no end to what all we can cook from this vegetable. And with hundreds of recipes, there is a lot of scope to even experiment with it. However, today to keep things simple, quick and delicious, we bring you a recipe of aloo masala fry that can be made in 20 minutes and is perfect for the days when you don’t feel like cooking something elaborate. As the name suggests, aloo masala fry is the recipe which only needs potatoes and masalas. This quick dish has a lip-smacking and comforting flavour that fills your growling stomach in no time.

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In this yummy lunch recipe, the potatoes are first fried till crisp and golden brown and then are tossed in a variety of masalas to amp up the taste. Aloo masala fry is best paired with chapatis and salad and gives you ultimate indulgence for the day. So, make this easy and quick recipe when sudden hunger hits you or when you want to have something simple. Read the recipe below.


How To Make Aloo Masala Fry | Aloo Masala Fry Recipe:

To make this dish, first, Fry the peeled and cut potatoes in oil. Fry till golden brown. Take them out and place them between sheets of paper. With the pressure of your palm, squeeze the fried potato pieces between the paper. Take those squeezed potatoes, and deep fry them again till crisp and golden. Sprinkle salt, amchur powder, sookha dhaniya powder and red chilli powder from the top and combine them with the masalas. Once done, serve it hot in a bowl.

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For the full recipe of aloo masala fry, click here.

Make this simple and yummy dish, and let us know how you liked the taste of it.


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