7 Tips for Designing Custom Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are often overlooked for their potential to be more than just a way to ship your product. They can also be used as an advertising tool or as a gift box. Also, you need to have cardboard boxes even if you are a retailer of a minute product like lip balms. You should have lip balm boxes bulk in order to be distinguished in vast competition. 

One of the most important decisions for any company is what kind of packaging their products will come in. This decision not only defines the cost and look but also how fast it can be assembled by employees. The three major types of cardboard boxes are corrugated, solid fibreboard (MDF), and chipboard. 

As you might imagine, they all have different advantages and disadvantages when designing custom cardboard boxes. The one you use depends on your budget constraints as well as the type of product you want to package.

Choose the Right Size of Packaging Boxes 

You have to consider the size of each item you want to package. This is important because it determines what type of cardboard box you will need and how much packaging material (tape, bubble wrap).

The standard width for a corrugated box is 14 inches. This can contain items that are 12-by-12 in size or smaller. But if your products measure more than 12 by 12 inches, then they may not fit inside. 

It also depends on whether these larger boxes will go through automated lines like conveyor belts at the airport when sending international shipments since many times, plants require custom sizes for their boxes. 

If your product exceeds this size, you might want to use MDF boards instead. These are custom-sized boards that come in various thicknesses. They can be cut to whatever size you need. They also work well for heavier products since the weight of these will not break easily as corrugated cardboard boxes do under stress.

To sum it up, when designing your own box, always remember these things: 

(a) How big is the item? Will this fit inside a standard-width corrugated cardboard box? If not, then what type should I use instead (MDF board or just normal-sized poster board)? 

(b) What material am I using on my product packaging (paper vs. plastic bag)? Do I want something transparent? Etc. 

Choose Unique Shape and Design 

This is the most important step in designing your own custom cardboard box. You want to choose a shape and design that reflects your brand identity and makes people remember you. 

It’s easy if we’re just talking about standard rectangular boxes. But when it comes to more complicated shapes like cylinders or ovals, make sure they fit well with what you are selling.

A good example of this was how Amazon designed their cardboard gift boxes for customers who buy multiple items from them: By making these unique shaped boxes (which also happen to be reusable), Amazon shows its buyers that their gifts don’t need to come in plain old brown paper bags. They can be wrapped beautifully in something that fits the product inside perfectly. 

Consider How to Decorate Your Box 

Even if you are not selling anything that has to do with Halloween, Christmas, or any other holiday, there’s no reason why you can’t make your boxes festive. Whether it is adding a special ribbon on top of the box or even carving out designs in them, think about ways to decorate them, so they look more attractive before putting items inside. 

Recycle Used Cardboard Boxes

Suppose your business uses cardboard shipping boxes all the time and has extra ones just lying around because nothing fits into them anymore. Recycle these old containers by painting over their surfaces then using markers or stickers to turn them into works of art instead. You don’t have to stop at one design either – use different colors and styles across multiple boxes to create a unique look.

Make Your Own Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are great for hauling around heavy items. But they aren’t the sturdiest things in the world and often tear or bend from being carried back and forth constantly. 

Custom cardboard boxes can be made by reinforcing them with duct tape along all of their seams so that they cannot fall apart as easily.

They also work well when using two-sided tape to attach paper on top of each other than folding it into a box. This technique is not inexpensive. You probably have some spare paper lying around at home already. This adds a lot more strength than just regular old corrugated cardboard would alone. 

Add a Handle or Lid for Easy Carrying and Protection 

A handle or a lid can be added to the top of your box so that it will be easier and more convenient for you to carry. These custom boxes are made with amazing attention to detail. This makes them perfect for carrying around, especially if they’re heavy. A lid is also beneficial because once opened, these strong boxes become fragile and may fall apart easily without one in place. 

Create Extra Layers for Added Security and Strength

Adding extra layers to your box will make it more durable, secure, and strong. These cardboard boxes are made with roughly ten or eleven different pieces of corrugated paper that are all glued together for sturdiness. Adding another layer adds an amazing amount of thickness which means if something falls on top of the box. It’ll be safe inside, thanks to this added level of security. 

Choosing custom-sized boxes over regular ones can mean getting much larger sizes than you would normally get in traditional packaging options. This might seem like a negative at first because who wants excess space? But think about how many things you have piled up around your home right now that could easily fit into these larger boxes. 

If you order a package online, the box is probably going to be about two feet long and maybe fourteen inches wide. That’s perfect for most things. Custom cardboard boxes are completely customizable, so there isn’t much reason not to get one when you have the opportunity. The only limitation is your own imagination. 

The Final Word 

Hanging a craft paper packaging box is a great way to showcase your product and make it easier for customers to carry them home. If you want help designing custom cards, we’ve got the information you need. The packaging companies offer free templates that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign and will provide assistance with any questions related to the design and production of these hanging cardboard box displays.