7 Interesting Ways To Add Chaat To Your Weekend Menu


Chaat is undoubtedly one of the most popular street foods in India. The number of chaat shops in every locality is proof of this food item’s fan following. There are many different reasons to fall in love with chaat. Let’s admit, we all enjoy the burst of different flavours when we put a spoonful of chat inside your mouth. Once we start eating, there is no going back. We often prepare chaat at home to break free from the monotony of regular food. And weekends call for some spicy mouth-watering chaat.

We have prepared a list of 7 chaat recipes that you can make this weekend and have a treat with your loved ones.


Re-fashion leftover samosas into crispy samosa chaat

1) Samosa Chaat

It’s interesting how our all-time favourite samosas can be savoured in the form of a delectable chat. Break your samosa into pieces, put a lot of chutneys, especially tamarind and green chili. Add some spices and pour yogurt. Samosa chaat is ready.

2) Chatpati Aloo Chaat

As the name suggests, this could be one really spicy and delicious take on your regular chaat. Take fried, crispy potatoes and add a lot of spicy masalas. Garnish it with chopped onion, coriander and some lemon juice. Enjoy!

3) Papdi Ki Chaat

Sometimes, all you need is this papdi ki chaat to make your day better. This is crispy and drizzled with a lot of spices, yogurt, and sev. You will have to make papdis first before adding spices and chutneys. You can make this using simple ingredients available in your kitchen.

three bean chaat recipe

If you want something healthy, then go for three bean chaat.

4) Three Beans’ Chaat

Time to give a healthy twist to your chaat! If you are seeking health benefits in chaat, three-bean chaat is for you. Kidney beans, chickpeas and green beans are the three kinds of beans used in this. You can add tomatoes, cucumber and some lemon juice. Add more chilies to make it spicy.

5) Chatpati Dal

This chat made using moong dal could be a great evening snack. You may have prepared the traditional chaat but this time try it out with moong dal. Boil soaked moong dal and throw in a bunch of spices. Don’t forget to add a lot of chili powder if you like it spicy.

6) Tandoori Chaat

You may have heard of tandoori paneer or chicken but a chaat of this kind is rare and tasty. Tandoori chat will just require you to use boiled vegetables including yellow bell pepper, sweet potatoes in skewers, and roast moderately in hot tandoor. You would be amazed by its tangy and yummy taste. You can add pineapple too.

7) Chatpat Chaat

You may not have heard of this but you can make a chat using sweet potatoes as well. This is quick and easy to make. It’s tasty and you’ll like the spicy and tangy taste.

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This weekend, step up your chaat game and treat your friends and family to these lip-smacking recipes at home.


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