6 Benefits of using toll-free numbers

toll-free number service provider

The high ROI generated by a toll-free number service provider makes it a popular option among customers and business owners. Indian toll-free numbers are already being used by businesses of different investment capacities. However, the growth of other channels for customer engagement such as email, live chat, etc.

Your connection with your clients plays a critical role in bridging the communication gap. Additionally, you will be able to understand their needs and demands better after they better understand your products and services.

You can easily reach your customers by maintaining a highly effective customer support kiosk. Contact centers, however, have evolved dramatically over the years. Cloud-based numbers are an example of such a transformation.

So, What are they? What benefits do they offer a business? Let’s take a look.

What is a toll-free number?

Calls to this number are free for the customer–the call recipient bears the call charges.

An area-specific identification code makes it easier to recognize. Also, considering that the callers are not charged for the calls, these numbers make a brand seem more approachable and professional.

Companies that wish to communicate across geographical boundaries can benefit significantly from these numbers. They may also be integrated with messaging capabilities so that customers can send you texts.

What toll-free number service provider offers?

It offers several features to help businesses grow. These are some of them.

  • Comes with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

An IVR solution can be integrated with cloud-based numbers. In addition to enabling self-service channels, this is essential. In addition to providing assistance efficiently and quickly, IVR can also answer simpler questions based on information provided by customers waiting in line.

  • Provides several number patterns

One of the advantages of toll-free numbers is their ability to get registered in the minds of customers.

  • Enables real-time reporting

These Indian toll-free number providers offer various features like real-time reporting. You can get intuitive insights into your outbound and inbound live calls by monitoring all your live calls. Call quality reports give you comprehensive information. Identifying bottlenecks and improvising on them can also be achieved with this tool.

  • It helps create multiple campaigns.

You may be able to message or send an email with a cloud-based number. Having multiple channels of customer communication is helpful. This number also facilitates the placing of separate extensions on phone numbers for each campaign.

You can dedicate a phone extension to a campaign for a new product, for example. Tracking the campaign’s performance will be easier.

In addition to receiving calls, you can also send text messages to your customers as part of the campaign. Through this capability, you can keep in touch even if there is no agent available. An agent receives these messages via their inbox, where they can take further action as needed.

  • Facilitates portability

Indian Toll-free numbers are portable. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where or with whom your brand changes its location or service provider. Because people tend to associate numbers with brands, this is important. If your number changes, their association may be broken.

  • Strong marketing tool

Indian toll-free number is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. However, the response to a cloud-based number on a social media post or an online campaign can be overwhelming.

Additionally, 1800 numbers make communication easier. The feature set consists of click-to-call, record-calls, whispering, etc. Customers and agents benefit from instant connections, which aids inefficiency.

  • Improves customer service

For a business to succeed, customer service cannot be interrupted. The freephone is therefore essential. Any time during the day or night, your customers can reach out to you. So make sure that you are always available to them.

Because these numbers do not charge customers for calls, and the IVR tool is accessible 24/7, it motivates them to connect with your brand. You can cultivate more customer relationships as a result.

  • Offers the cloud advantage

It does not require any upfront investment in infrastructure since Knowlarity maintains them. As well as ease of access to critical business information, free backups, and scalability, cloud systems cost very little. Businesses that use these numbers are able to achieve success with these features.

You do not need to be herculean to obtain these numbers. Knowlarity can help you get the best suited free to receive a free phone number.


The free phone number is an essential part of a contact center. These numbers allow you to communicate with your clients effectively. Your business relies on them for an uninterrupted flow of information. Aside from serving as a marketing tool, they can also increase your customer reach.