5 Tea Options That Will Make A Refreshing Cup Of Chai


Starting our day without tea feels incomplete, doesn’t it? A hot cup of tea gives us the boost of energy we need to survive the long day. ‘Kadak chai’ helps drive away the morning laziness. Tea is one of the most popular beverages consumed around the world! There are so many varieties that are enjoyed nowadays from green tea to white tea. At times, its best to stick to the classic flavour. Not only does tea taste delicious, but it is rich in antioxidants and has numerous additional health benefits. That is why we have brought you some tea brands that will make premium quality chai at home.

Here Are 5 Tea Options For You to Choose From:

1. Red Label Tea

Red label’s tea is made with the freshest and finest tea leaves. This tea has the perfect colour and aroma that gives an irresistible taste. Infuse the tea leaves in boiling water for 5 minutes and you will get a delicious cup of tea.

2. Tata Tea Gold

Tata’s tea gives a superior balance of rich taste and irresistible aroma. The tea is made by blending 15% gently rolled aromatic long leaves with 85% CTC tea leaves. This tea is selected and blended by Tata Tea experts.

3. Wagh Bakri Tea

Wagh Bakri is known for its premium quality tea for years. The leaves are sourced from some of the best tea gardens. You will get a delicious cup of tea with this packet of tea. This packet of tea has loose tea leaves.

4. Taaza Tea

Taaza’s packet of tea will help you make a delicious cup of chai to start your morning. The pack has premium quality Darjeeling tea leaves.

5. Vedaka Gold Tea

Vedaka’s tea is ideal for making a variety of chai flavours – masala tea, ginger tea, sulaimani tea and more. This packet has a rich blend of CTC and hand-picked long tea leaves. The tea leaves come with a convenient zip-lock to keep the tea fresh.

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