5 Serving Trays Options To Add To Your Kitchenware


Serving tray plays an important role in a dining setup. It is used to serve foods and drinks to guests at any gathering. That’s not all. It also helps amp up the decor of your dining set up in just no time. Much agreeable, isn’t it? If you look around, there’s a variety of serving trays available in the market and online. To make it easier for you to choose, we handpicked 5 serving tray options that will make a perfect addition to your tableware collection.

Here’s a list of 5 serving trays to buy from. Read on.

1. Design Forum Pinewood Serving Trays

This combo set comes with two serving trays made up of high-quality seasoned hardwood with dampproof and heat resistant strength. You can serve hot or cold beverages or any other dishes in this tray. You may also want to see other modern serving tray from Nathan James that can help serving dishes or drinks.

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2. Goodhomes Melamine Serving Tray Set

Here’s another combo set for you. This set features 3 different coloured trays that ensures durability and is also deemed to be heat resistant up to temperatures of 140 degree centigrade. Try it today!

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3. Printed Melamine Serving Tray Set

We have found another melamine serving tray set for you. This combo set features 3 different sized trays- small, medium and large. If you are looking for a serving set to amp up your dinnerware, this can be a right choice.

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4. Wood Art Store Wooden Brown Serving Tray

This combo set also features 3 different sized wooden trays – small, medium and large. You can use these trays to serve coffee, tea, juices along with sandwiches, cutlets etc.

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5. Art And Craft India Wooden Serving Platter

Attractive and unique, this serving tray cart comes with 4 wheels. Simply put the dish on top of the cart and move it on the dinner table in front of the guests. Besides, It can also be an ideal option for gifting purposes.

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