5 Of The Best Lemon Squeezers You Must Try


Lemon is the most versatile and most commonly available fruit that is used in a variety of recipes. Besides adding tangy and zesty flavours to the recipe, this vitamin-C rich fruit is also very healthy and loaded with nutrients. Whether you are making a salad dressing, a lemon dessert, or a fresh batch of lemonade, you may want to use a lemon squeezer. Lemon squeezers help extract the juice and separate the seeds. If you look around, you will notice a wide range of lemon squeezers available in the market and online. To help you choose the right one, we bring you a list of 5 best lemon squeezers that will help ease the squeezing process.

Here’s A List Of 5 Best Lemon Squeezers For You To Choose From:

1. Door Stone Lemon Squeezer

Made with ultra-strong and high-quality stainless steel, this lemon squeezer ensures durability and better performance. Besides, it comes with a non-slip handle with hook, making it ideal to use, hang and hold.

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2. Kuber Industries Lemon Squeezer

Here’s another durable stainless steel squeezer option for you. This lemon squeezer by the brand Kuber Industries comes with a bottle opener. It can be a perfect option for squeezing citrus juice and opening bottles easily. Try it today!

3. ELAN Lemon Squeezer

Cute and compact, this product features 100% Powder coated aluminium body. In addition, it comes with thick handles that offer strong, steady and comfortable grip.

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4. TVK Traders Handmade Lemon Squeezer

This lemon squeezer features a handmade and durable wooden body. Besides, it is designed to fit into your hand with ease. It is also very easy to clean and maintain.

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5. Primelife Novel New Lemon Squeezer

Made with ABS plastic, this squeezer can be an ideal kitchen tool for squeezing lemons and other citrus fruits. Moreover, the design of this lemon squeezer helps separate the pulp and seeds easily without letting them get into the freshly squeezed juice.

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