5 Green Tea Options To Add To Your Healthy Diet


Green tea has become extremely popular in the health community. The reason behind its popularity is that it is synonymous with weight loss! You can have as many cups as you want, without worrying about weight gain as it has zero calories. Extracted from Camellia Sinensis leaves, green tea leaves don’t undergo any oxidation process and manage to retain maximum antioxidants and polyphenols. Therefore, it is better to switch our daily tea and coffee with green tea for leading a healthier life. We have a list of green tea options you can add to your daily diet.

5 Green Tea Options To Choose From:

1. Dabur Vedic Suraksha Green Tea

Dabur’s green tea is packed with five natural herbs – tulsi, munakka, dry ginger, kali mirch and dalchini. These five ayurvedic herbs help with boosting immunity, relieve stress and much more! This green tea is a healthy addition to your everyday diet.

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2. Organic India Classic Tulsi Green Tea, Pomegranate

Organic India’s green tea offers a unique taste of tulsi, thanks to the tulsi infusion of green tea. This tea is packed with delicious taste and many health benefits that help in detoxification and weight loss. It has a pomegranate flavour

3. Lipton Green Tea

Lipton’s green tea is made with fresh tea leaves to give you the best taste and aroma. This green tea, when had without milk or sugar, contains virtually zero calories. It is best enjoyed by brewing this green tea in water.

4. Tetley’s Green Tea

Tetley’s green tea comes with the immunity-boosting power of vitamin C. It is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidant of this green tea helps cleanse the body and vitamin C helps support the body’s immune system. This green tea has zero calories, providing benefits like boosting fat metabolism.

5. Amazon Brand – Vedaka Green Tea

Amazon Brand’s Vedaka green tea is made from high-quality, hand-picked tea leaves that are sourced locally. This tea is best served without tea or sugar, the tea leaves have no calories. It is the ideal beverage to complement a healthy lifestyle.

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