5 Best Olive Oil Options For Dressing Salad


If we have to name one versatile cooking oil we use in kitchen, the first option that comes to our mind is olive oil. It is flavourful, healthy and very easily accessible. But did you know that not all olive oil is made equal? Some of them are meant solely for cooking and then, there are others meant for garnishing purposes. You may drizzle it on the top of a bowl of pasta or use it as a salad dressing. When it comes to choosing the right olive oil for tossing a beautiful salad, extra virgin olive oil fits the best as it induces a strong peppery flavour that adds on to the aroma and texture of the dish.

So, what is the best extra virgin oil for salads? With so many options available to choose from, we have narrowed down 5 of the best and made the task easier for you. Check them out.

5 Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Your Salads:

1. Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil PET

Made through a cold extraction process, this extra virgin olive oil from Del Monte comes with great flavor and nice aroma, with all its health benefits intact. Apart from using it as salad dressings, it could be used as dips and marinades.

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2. Sol 100% Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil Glass Bottle

The next option is Sol Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from Spanish olives and comes with zero cholesterol and low saturated fat. With its strong olive aroma and complex taste, it can be used to enhance the taste of your salad and Mediterranean dishes.

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3. Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Experience the goodness of olive oil with this Figaro extra virgin olive oil which comes with exquisite flavor and aroma. With this oil, you can turn your boring dishes into a wholesome meal. Additionally, it boosts your health with antioxidants and vitamin E.

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4. Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This oil is obtained from the cold pressing of olives and has an intense flavor and aroma which makes it the ideal oil for salad dressings. Also, this bottle of oil features a side handle that looks stylish as well as easy to use.

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5. DiSano Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First Cold Pressed

As the name suggests, it is produced by the first cold pressing of raw olives which gives an amazing taste and rich aroma making it the perfect choice for dressings and flavoring. It is high in healthy fats- MUFA & PUFA and may help in lowering bad cholesterol.

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