4 Ways To Remove Mugshot

how to get mugshot removed

It is embarrassing for any person if their picture is related to any criminal thing. The mugshot is a picture that is in public record after the arrest of that particular person. You are called to the police station for questioning then your picture is not taken. A number of websites can assess mugshots after the arrest of that particular person. There are chances that your picture still remains in the mugshot even after your charges have been dropped.

This becomes embarrassing for any person as their picture is still in criminal records. They face a lot of problems in the future related to family and even lack of employment opportunities. The mugshots are public records so any website can publish them without any permission. When the charges are removed it is the duty of the person to get their picture deleted from these records. The officer is demanding any money from you for removing your picture then they don’t work legally. Does the question arise how to get mugshot removed? Let’s study a few points that can tell you the ways to get mugshots removed.

  • The common way to remove your mugshot from different sites is to contact the webmaster. This is the easiest way a person can remove its picture and save themselves from embarrassment. You can directly contact the webmaster of that website and request them to remove your picture from the web page. They may question you regarding your arrest and ask you for other information. The site will contact you with a page where you can check the reasons on which basis the site will voluntarily remove your picture.
  • The other way to get your mugshots removed is to contact Google. Google is the most used search engine to find any information regarding any topic. You can suppress Google to remove your mugshot online. There are a few norms that Google can only remove your picture if there is any legal reason behind it. You can also request Google to remove any personal information that is available online and harm your reputation. Google can only remove your information that is available to the public.
  • Many companies are there that help people to get their mugshots removed online. These companies charge some fees for you to get your mugshot removed online. People after trying by themselves contact these companies. They have links with sites that can easily remove their picture. These companies work for these websites only so just by request and paying a certain amount of fees you can get your mugshot removed. Some companies bribe search engines in such a way that your mugshot is not found in top searches.
  • This option is the difficult option to get your mugshot removed. In this way, you can file a petition with the court in which you can get your arrest records sealed. If you successfully win the case in court, then you can send the court orders to the website owner and request them to remove your mugshot online.

These are the few ways that can help you to get your mugshot removed. People often have problems regarding HOW TO GET MUGSHOT REMOVED.