4 Ice Cream Bowl Options To Add To Your Crockery Collection


Can you imagine a kitchen without some pretty crockery set? We can’t. Every kitchen comprises different types of utensils and crockeries that help serve different purposes on a daily basis. We have pots and pans for cooking, serving bowls to serve meals, drinkware to drink chai, coffee water and more. Then there is sub-division of these serveware which are specified according to the meals served in them. For instance, dal is served in katori, whereas a slice of cake is served on a quarter-plate. Likewise, we get special bowls for having ice creams. If you want to add some pretty ice cream bowls to your collection, then you are just at the right place. We handpicked some of the best ice cream bowl options that will help you make wise decision while buying. Let’s take a look.

Here’re 4 Ice Cream Bowl Options For You:

NGEL Glass Ice Cream Bowls:

These bowls come in a set of six and are ideal to have ice cream, pudding, kheer etc in. Made of good quality glass, these bowls are micro-wave oven safe and can be used on a daily basis.

38% off

VILON Glass Classic Dessert Bowl:

This option too comes in a set of six and can be considered a stylish addition to your crockeries collection. These glasses are non-porous and help prevent any stain or odor.

30% off

Cloudsell Antarctic Ice Cream Cup Set:

These dessert bowls are perfect for everyday use. Made of thick and durable glass, these ice cream cups can also be used to serve mouse, curstard, pudding and other delicious desserts.

45% off

Anne – Kee Classic Flower Shape Ice Cream Cup Bowl:

We found you a set of ice cream bowl that are made of stainless steel. It comes in a set of six bowls and six dessert spoons. These bowls have wide mouth for easy serving.

39% off

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